A commitment to safety and quality is pinnacle when considering directional drilling projects.  Since 1992, Watts Electric has been providing turnkey installations to our customers.  Our highly experienced team has completed thousands of miles of trenchless excavation under roadways, railroads, and rivers.  We have the right-sized machine and skilled operators needed to ensure the end product lasts for years to come.


Watts Electric can be a valuable member of your renewable energy team.  We have honed our skills in markets to provide customers with a one-stop partner to deliver green energy to utilities.  Our powerline team has extensive experience building transmission powerlines in addition to 35 years of experience building ground-up substations up to 345kV.  Watts Electric’s underground teams have the equipment and the skill to handle both DC and AC collection systems as well as battery storage facilities. For more than half a decade, our team has worked with customers from North Dakota to Texas to build the most cost-effective solutions for owners.  We are excited to continue to partner with companies interested in furthering the reach of renewable energy in the Midwest region.