“O” Street Widening

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Contract Amount: $1,371,000.00

A two year project to widen “O” Street from four to six lanes beginning at 52nd Street and extending beyond Wedgewood Drive.

The subcontract required signals be operational prior to switching traffic for pavement removals. Watts Electric Company was challenged to install temporary signals at seven major intersections between January 2nd and April 1st. To further complicate the task, it also required the temporary signals utilize the permanent poles and concrete foundations completed.

Watts Electric Company, true to our reputation, completed the task that our competition said could not be done. Traffic was switched April 1st and Phase 1 of the project was completed and opened early, resulting in an $880,000.00 incentive for early completion to the General Contractor and an $88,000.00 incentive to our company for subcontractor performance.