Watts Electric’s story begins in the small farm community of Osceola, Nebraska.

Dave Watts had been working three years for an electrical contractor and dreamed of owning his own business. With three small children at home, he started his company in 1982 out of his house.

Dave’s first years of business were spent doing agricultural and residential wiring. A small shop had been built on the property to accommodate the growing business. In 1984, Dave hired his first employee and transitioned from owner to employer.

He made a name for himself in the community, and soon obtained a job working on Cooperatives in the County. It was not long before Dave was wiring ball fields, schools, and hospitals. In 1992, the company began working for the Nebraska Department of Roads. The first street lighting project was located at 27th and Superior Street.

In 1993, Watts Electric purchased an office building in downtown Osceola, Nebraska. The building had been home to the largest mall between Chicago in Denver during the early 1900’s. Special care was taken during the restoration to restore the original architecture of the upstairs.

Watts Electric eventually shifted away from agricultural, residential, and commercial to focus on becoming a specialty contractor in Heavy Highway and Utility Powerline Construction. As the business began working more prominently in Lincoln, Watts Electric made the difficult decision to relocate to Lincoln, Nebraska in 2000.

Adept at generating positive growth, the company would once again outgrow this facility and move to the current location in Waverly, Nebraska in 2010.